Please Daddy…

My Daddy fucks all three of my little holes before He cums inside me. And He spanks my ass with His cock deep inside before I finally collapse on the floor in front of Him. That’s why I like to be a good girl for Daddy…


I want to see you begging to eat my cunt. I want to see you on your knees on the floor in front of me, as I stand over you in heels and a dress and thigh highs and no panties, watching you lick your lips as you beg to lick my pussy, to suck on my clit, to slide your tongue inside me. 

I want to hear you moaning. And only then, only then I may tell you yes. Maybe.

I’m a fucking switch.


You didn’t know me when I strapped on and fucked my little slut up the ass with a viciously embodied nine-inch cock, and then made her gag on it, on her knees, on the floor. You didn’t know me when I whipped my submissives’ backs raw with a leather belt doubled over, singing through the air to the beat of my own heart, and theirs. You didn’t know me when I practiced with a flogger until its many tips could fall like a hard rain on her skin exactly where I placed them, the kind of beating that heals and soothes the body. The kind of beating that expresses the deep and abiding care of the Dominant for her submissive. You didn’t know me when I held my submissives close to me after I had beaten them, taken them, and when their tears were falling so softly and gently and left us both refreshed. You didn’t know me when I sat to lace my leather boots from toe to knee in preparation, or when those boots were laced and cleaned by my sissies, pets and slaves. You didn’t know me when strong men kneeled before me with their foreheads to the floor, the toe and tip of my stiletto pinning them to the very earth while I taught them the worship of a Goddess who, strangely enough, was me.

I am your lover and your submissive and your little girl, but I want you to know also that you are the only one who has ever conquered Estelle.

A proper little slut

Received an exemplar of proper deference in a message from a prospective submissive today. Whoever you are, Mistress E is pleased and would give you out of many applicants the chance to sit at Her feet.


It’s 1 pm here at Oxford university. I’m thinking about your cock in my ass and your fingers in my cunt.



I want your hand around my throat while you fill me with cum, and I want you to slap me across the face if I come without your permission. Teach me how to obey.


Collar me

Collar me so I know my place. Collar me so I can be anchored to this seething world. Collar me with a band more secure than a wedding ring. Collar me so I can cease to be as I am, for a little while, and become what I cannot be. Collar me someday. Please.

Challenge: Estelle’s embarrassing secrets…


Guess what these are…


Happy valentines day, Daddy.



I give you my body. Please beat me. Beat so I forget who I am, so that when I emerge I will have the courage to remember.


I give you my will. Mold me, bend me, break me. Shatter me. Let the pieces reflect the light in a thousand new directions. 


I give you my soul. I trust you to see everything that is in it, and accept it all. I lay myself at your feet. I know that you will take me as I am, and cherish me as no one else can.