He tied me to the bed, choked me, and fucked all three of my little holes as I begged him to stop.

I can’t wait until he does it again. 


Around the neck, tightA long line to master’s handPlayground games at night.


Around the neck, tight
A long line to master’s hand
Playground games at night.


(Source: simply-black-and-white, via changingbeast)

Climb down

Climb down from the cross. The slow welter of rope, the leather embrace matching the heat of your body. I feel you cooling. I feel the tang of metallic on your tongue season itself with the tears almost visibly evaporating as they fall. Climb down. I feel you cooling. You were the only one who knew how to take a whipping, recognizing skin for skin with the lash on your back. Skin, crying red the same way it always has to the song without words. Whipping: climb down.

Yours the cross, mine the sacrifice. Climb down, submissive, climb down. Or better yet, I will carry you. 

Daddy, I could not do this without you. 

Daddy, I want you to cum down my throat with your hands clenched in my hair so you can fuck your little girl’s face, with her hands cuffed behind her back. 

I promise I’ll try not to cum until you tell me to…but I know I might not be able to stop myself. 

Daddy, I’m ready to be punished…